Side Hustle School Success

We would like to send a big congratulations to our inspiring Side Hustle School participants for graduating.
Aimed at boosting leadership skills and confidence and opening up entrepreneurial instincts, Side Hustle School is a completely donor-funded program and we are immensely grateful to our donors and board members for making this happen.
From our recent evaluation report, key findings concluded:
  • Overall Participant Sentiment: The participants found that Side Hustle School not only met expectations but also surpassed them. For some, their expectations were always surpassed.
  • Confidence to start their own side hustle business shifted from 30.8% pre-program to 61.6% who had high or very high confidence upon completion.
  • Feelings of support to start and grow their side hustle increased from 38.5% to 61.6% who felt supported or very supported upon completion.

View our 2023 Side Hustle School Report here


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