Our Services / Youth Outreach


“Thank you for giving
us our daughter back”

– Mother and Father



Our outreach work is a core part of our service at the Les Twentyman Foundation. Our dedicated outreach worker is sponsored by the community and focuses on supporting young people experiencing incredibly complex and emotional situations.

Importantly, we aim to engage with the broader family in order to support improved outcomes for the young person. Empowering parents, resourcing families, and diminishing guilt are foundations of our program.

Re-engaging with education is also a key part of this program and we have built strong relationships with schools and other education settings.



Our youth workers meet with young people in their environment, helping them to feel safe and secure, whilst providing counselling, support and guidance, all aimed at assisting young people to make positive choices in their life.

Our work helps young people to navigate the complexities of the Children’s Court ensuring that appropriate connections are made to personal and legal support services.

In addition, we offer practical support and linkages to specialist services for young people experiencing issues with alcohol and other drugs. Our strong relationships in this area have helped many young people to access drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs.



Due to our limited resourcing, the community outreach worker is offered as part of our wrap around services to existing clients of the Les Twentyman Foundation. This means that support is extended to young people already engaged with us through activities like our basketball program. Support is offered predominantly to young people and families within the Western Suburbs of Melbourne aged 10 -25 years.

If you’d like to enquire about this service, please call 03 9689 4800 or email [email protected]



During 2019-20, our outreach worker provided support to 73 young Victorians with a focus on insecure housing, food security, substance abuse and other support services.

Through our outreach activities, we also worked with 56 families. We’ve also engaged with 100+ youth and family focused specialist services including Alcohol and Other Drugs, legal, housing, educational settings, mental health specialist counselling services, employment and training, cultural and recreational programs.

Program Contact

Richard Tregear
E: [email protected]
Ph: (03) 9689 4800 or 0419 511 199