Les Twentyman Foundation Advocates for Struggling Families in Senate Committee Hearing

In a recent session before the Senate Committee on the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ Les Twentyman, the foundation’s founder, and CEO Paul Burke, offered firsthand insights into the significant financial struggles families face. The committee, chaired by Senator Jane Hume, provided a platform for a crucial dialogue on the challenges many families are grappling with today.  

Amidst the increasing difficulties families face, including putting food on the table and meeting rising rental costs, Paul and Les shed light on these issues through the lens of the foundation’s Back to School program. The program, designed to assist families in meeting the escalating costs of essential school supplies for their children, experienced an unprecedented surge in demand.

During the hearing, Les shared an emotional story of a mother compelled to sell her wedding ring to secure funds for her children’s education, underscoring the profound sacrifices made by families in the pursuit of learning.

The foundation champions the belief that education is a fundamental right for all children, irrespective of background or economic circumstances.  Echoing Nelson Mandela’s sentiment, “Educating all of our children must be one of our most urgent priorities,” Les and Paul emphasized the critical role education plays in improving the chances of building better lives.

As advocates for education and unlocking the true potential of young minds, Les Twentyman Foundation has been running the Back to School Program since 1989. This initiative has supported approximately 17,000 children in staying in education by providing essential supplies.

Crucially, the Back to School Program receives no government support and relies entirely on the generosity of those who support the foundation. Les and Paul expressed deep gratitude to each supporter for their contributions.

With an increasing number of families seeking assistance, the pressure on the Back to School Program and other family and youth support services is expected to grow.

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