Founders Collaborate to Deliver Clothing Aid to Remote Communities via Royal Flying Doctors



In an inspiring display of community spirit and solidarity, our Founder, Les Twentyman, has joined forces with Northern Territorian, Damian Hale form community services provider Balcor – who provide care and support services to remote communities in the Top End, to provide essential clothing to those in need in remote indigenous communities.


Transport was arranged by Stewart Williams at Getting Inspired in partnership with a couple of old army buddies at B&K Daley Transport in Albury who arranged the transport free of charge from Melbourne to Darwin and once in Darwin the clothing was loaded onto aircraft of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and delivered to remote communities.


Remote communities of Australia often grapple with limited access to resources, and clothing can be a costly and scarce commodity. Recognizing the difficulties faced by these individuals, Damian Hale issued a heartfelt callout for clothing and donations on the Balcor facebook page.


“The clothes out in remote communities can be quite dear, they don’t have a lot out there, and a lot of people are struggling, so it’s good just to be able to give people something,” Mr. Hale expressed, emphasizing the significance of this endeavour.


Responding to this call for aid, the Les Twentyman Foundation took a significant step forward by sending five large boxes of brand-new clothing to Darwin, capitalizing on an extraordinary opportunity for outreach. In a heart-warming display of goodwill, the Royal Flying Doctor Service volunteered to transport these essential items free of charge to ensure their swift delivery to remote communities.


Les Twentyman, the visionary behind the foundation, emphasized the profound impact of this initiative.


“It’s so important for young people’s self-esteem to know that somebody’s given them brand new things that no one else has been wearing, something just for them,” Mr. Twentyman highlighted.


Beyond addressing a material need, this effort uplifts the spirits and self-esteem of the recipients, empowering them to face life’s challenges with renewed confidence.


Mr. Twentyman emphasized that the heart of this solution lies in fostering connection. This initiative serves as a bridge that unites those who wish to contribute with those in need, underlining the power of collective action to make a difference in the lives of others.


The outcome of this collaborative effort is nothing short of inspiring. It shows what can happen when motivated volunteers and organisations work together to support young people and families in need.


The Les Twentyman Foundation, Balcor, Getting Inspired, the volunteers and the Royal Flying Doctor Service have shown that when compassion and community spirit come together, the impact can be very tangible. Their story is a reminder of the profound change that can be brought about by simply reaching out and asking to help those in need.


This initiative is a testament to the spirit of generosity and the incredible possibilities that can arise when individuals and organisations unite for a common cause. It showcases the impact we can create when we stand together as a community.


The Les Twentyman Foundation’s contribution to this effort was made possible by a very generous clothing donation from a company who wants to help Australians suffering disadvantage.



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