Order of Australia Medal Recipient – Jim Markovski

The Les Twentyman Foundation is proud to announce that the outstanding work of legendary Outreach Youth Worker, Jim Markovski, has been recognised in the Australia Day honours with an Order of Australia Medal for his work in youth services.

Jim, who manages the Les Twentyman Foundation’s youth support services in the western suburbs, has dedicated his life to helping ‘at risk’ and disadvantaged young Victorians for over the past 30 years, was as humble and selfless as ever in accepting the honour.

“l am embarrassed and at the same time humbled to receive the award for services to youth. This award goes to my family for all their devoted support that has enabled me to empower young people to be the best they can be.”

Giving credit to his parents Jim described his mother and father as role models in his life, who
nurtured and instilled values that led him to a life of helping others.

“They wanted me to be the light of hope in young people, empowering them to reach their true potential, to be the ripple effect to bring others up to be meaningful and contributing members of society.”

Jim’s work has helped thousands of young Victorians find a positive path, with the Redskins
Basketball team he helped to create back in 1996 and the ‘Embrace’ youth personal development program having seen kids from all cultural backgrounds provided with the support to help them to a positive future.

Les Twentyman Foundation founder, Les Twentyman OAM who has worked with Jim for three decades said that he could not think of a more worthy recipient of the award.

“Jim and I, along with Richard Tregear have worked side by side for 30 years and no one in the state has done more to help kids in need than Jim Markovski, with this award recognition of a lifetime spent helping others.”

Newly appointed CEO of the Les Twentyman Foundation, Renee Hancock, described the mood at the foundation as one of joy upon hearing the news of Jim’s honour.

“Everyone at the Les Twentyman Foundation is so excited to see our colleague, Jim Markovski,
recognised by the Order of Australia. We’re all inspired by Jim’s dedication, positive energy and
passion for supporting young people to reach their full potential. Jim’s work extends to the entire family and many of our clients are thrilled that his efforts have been acknowledged by this important award.”

In true Jim style he made it clear that all he does he does for the kids and one of those kids who Jim has helped to feel valued, loved and listened to is James, a young man who perfectly described how we all at the foundation feel about Jim.

“You’ve profoundly impacted so many of the youth in our generation and have set us up with values that continue to stick with us as we endeavour to give to other as much as you’ve given to us. I for one cannot be where I am without your sacrifice and mentorship.”

“Enjoy this award, celebrate yourself and know that this is just a small recognition for the tireless unseen work you do, the greatest reward will be the fruit of success and sacrifice the Embrace and Redskins youth will exhibit in times to come.”

Well said James!