Case Study: YSS Success From a Parent’s Perspective

When my child met both Les Twentyman Foundation youth workers for the very first time, he connected with them in an instant. They spoke with my child and then took him out for breakfast, something the other workers could never really

These guys would meet my child whenever and wherever he was. I find that those strategies worked for my child. A boy his age doesn’t want to feel obligated to travel to see a worker.

YSS workers were patient with my child, accommodated his needs and helped him out a lot when he needed to be linked into sport or required books, etc for school.

It was then that I realised, these two workers were different from the others and with great personalities to fit the kids.

YSS workers helped keep my child on the straight and narrow as much as they possibly could. When he was having trouble at school and was on the verge of suspension, the YSS workers sat in the interviews with us, constantly supporting and navigating us through the process.

Without their support at that time I feel as though we would have felt intimidated by the school and to the point where we would have felt obligated to leave anyway.

My child has shown me so much more love and respect since working with YSS workers, I know that they are there for him, but I feel as though they support us all in ways that they probably don’t even realise. The impact they have made on my child is greater than any materialistic supplies they have provided.

In the time that these two YSS workers have supported my child, I have seen a great deal of change in my son’s behaviour and mannerisms.

My son only cared about himself once upon a time but now he acknowledges his siblings and I with a lot of love and respect.

Rowena mother of a 13-year-old male