Case Study: The Power of Positive Futures

Alice was referred to the Positive Futures program by the Wellbeing Coordinator and Assistant Principal at her school. Alice, who had come from a broken home, was in her senior years of high school, before moving to her current school a few years back from a rural community.

Alice had experienced family violence, and as a result was left homeless, couch surfing at friends’ houses. The Youth Worker assigned to Alice through the program assisted and supported Alice to make statements with Victoria Police.

In addition, the Youth Worker contacted Youth Housing services that could support Alice with safe and secure short-term housing. Alice was placed at a youth refuge four days after being referred to the Les Twentyman Positive Futures Youth Worker.

Once Alice had secured stable short term housing, Alice and her Youth Worker applied for long term housing accommodation. Alice needed help to complete the intake forms and to feel confident to attend interviews for the long term housing.

She was accepted into the long term housing accommodation where she will be able to live for 12-18 months whilst remaining engaged in her senior school studies, providing Alice with the opportunity to develop independent living skills and engage with her community.

Thanks to the Positive Futures program, Alice has a trusting rapport with her Youth Worker and was able to achieve her goals towards safe and secure housing. Importantly, this work enabled Alice to remain engaged in education while also building independent life skills.

Within one month of Alice meeting her Youth Worker, she was in a safe and positive environment where she could thrive through her teenage and education years.